Does Exposure to the Sun Cure Acne?

Published: 27th May 2008
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Many acne sufferers probably have noticed that after a long time in the sun, their acne diminishes. That's great news, however are there any side effects to long term exposure in the sun? Normally, mild exposure to the sun is good for the treatment of acne, but over exposure definitely has its side effects, even causing unwanted acne breakouts. Sunlight contains a few wavelengths of light that is proven to treat acne by killing off the bacteria, but it also contains UV, which damages the skin. The damage to the skin is what in turn causes the acne breakouts.

Also, be aware that the sun darkens the skin, appearing to dry out the skin and make acne blemishes much less visible. So, you essentially are given the placebo effect, thinking that sunlight is treating your acne. Based on scientific evidence, the long-term damage to the skin caused by the sun far outweighs its initial treatment of acne. You'll notice premature aging, wrinkles, and a possibility of cancer.

The best way to fight off the sun is to wear sunscreen. By protecting the skin from UV, you can continue getting the benefit of the 415nm wavelength from sunlight, which is the wavelength that is proven to fight acne bacteria. Also, certain wavelengths of sunlight has even been shown to increase collagen production, so you may get the benefits of that as well.

Even with these benefits, most people agree that it's best to just stay out of the sunlight. Don't choose sunlight as your source to treat your acne, but rather use a decent acne treatment that is proven to work specifically for your skin. Be alert as to what can damage your skin, and avoid skin irritants that may potentially lead to an acne breakout.

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